The subject of angels is close to us who love God, and if there comes a person who has encountered such a heavenly being, we are entranced by the story and want to hear each glowing detail. According to Paul in Hebrews 2:7, angels are higher creations than are men: “Thou madest him a little lower than the angels…” We are not to worship them, however.

Angels fill the Heavens with sounds of glorious worship, carry messages to earthlings (think Mary and Elizabeth and Gideon…) and fight battles (think Jacob and the Israelites) rescue God’s people (think Daniel in the den of lions and Peter in jail). At the end of the ages, angels will be relegated to the background when the redeemed of the Lord are gathered in Heaven and we sing redemption’s story and rejoice because of the shed blood of Jesus. The angels must then “fold their wings,” for indeed they cannot sing such a song.

I have never seen angels, but I have definitely felt their presence. In a ladies prayer meeting in Rialto, Ca. many years ago, there came such a palpable presence of God, that as I prayed, I felt I was being pushed through the floor. When the prayer ended, one of the other women told how during this exceptional time of prayer, she had actually seen angels standing shoulder to shoulder around the church auditorium. They were massive, their height extending from the floor to the ceiling.

I’m curious to know if you feel you have ever been in the presence of an angel—I mean to the extent that you felt a presence or sensed a glorious being. Do you know anyone who has ever seen an angel? Would you want to see an angel? I have thought about this and am not sure if I want to see an angel. I expect my final decision if I had the opportunity would be yes, I would choose to see such a being. My reluctance is that it would be such a holy and fearful place. What say you?

Last week at a ladies conference banquet, I was in the presence of five tiny angels—albeit earthbound ones. The cherub pictured above and here is Kasey Lynn Clark. If you want to hear her angelic voice as she prays, click on the Sonific selection on my other blog.







15 thoughts on “Angels, Both Heavenly and Earthbound

  1. Guess great minds think alike?! I blogged about angels earlier this week. Let me tell you an angel story.

    Many years ago, our choir was singing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord…” The presence of God moved into the sanctuary, people began to weep, and many came to the front. After a lenghty time of prayer, the building was quite and the pastor asked if anyone wanted to say anything. During this quite time, an usher had been outside and thought he heard the choir. He rushed back inside to join the singing and the choir was not on the stage. Another man arriving late from work, became excited when he exited his car because he heard the choir singing and thought he was getting there in time for all the good stuff. He too, entered the building and the choir was not on the stage. Apparently, according to what these two men heard, the heavenly host continued to sing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord….” A lady who was praying inside the building, said she saw angels hovering over the congregation. Our entire congregation still to this day believes angels were there ministering amongst us.

  2. Yes, I have seen angels. One time when my daughter was a little girl and very sick with a high fever. I went into her room in the middle of the night to check on her and there was a “person” sitting at the head of her bed. At first I was frightened until I realized it was an angel. I cannot describe the peace that was in her room that night. The angel didn’t stay, it just let me see a glimpse but it was very real. I like to think that it was her guardian angel keeping watch over her.

  3. I’ve seen some strange things but never an angel. Of course we can’t be certain that we haven’t. Hebrews 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

  4. I have had experiences with angels similar to the one you mentioned in your post. Sometimes in my church, I have a sense of massive beings standing around the edges of the sanctuary. My sense, also, is that they are huge. It is always a peaceful and comforting experience.

    I don’t know that I have ever actually seen an angel, but like cumby says in your fourth comment, “we can’t be sure that we haven’t.”

  5. I have never seen an angel that I know of, but I am sure I have felt their presence before. I remember my mom telling me a story once of how she thinks she saw an angel. This happened at a really low time in my mom’s life(she was going through a divorce) and before she even knew the Lord. She was walking down a long street in Chicago and a man was approaching from the other direction that was carrying some flowers. Before he passed my mom, he handed her a flower. She was so stunned, she didn’t say anything at first. She turned around about 3 seconds later to say thank you to the man, and he was gone. This was a long block in Chicago, and my mom doesn’t see how it was possible for him to just vanish so quickly. She felt like it was an angel.

  6. There is a verse in the Bible that tells us “we entertain angels unawares”. Well I believe that an angel comfoted me at a most difficult time in my life. At the time I was not saved. I had just miscarried my first baby at almost 5 months. I was in a room and Drs were working on me and they would not let my husband in. I was so scared. Then next thing I knew, there was this male nurse who came to the bedside and held my hand. He said words of comfort and told that all would be okay. His presence was so peaceful and I just can’t describe it in words. I never forgot that nurse. When I inquired about his name, I was told, there are no male nurses here. Thus my belief that even when I wasn’t right with God, He was still taking care of me and leading me step by step to reveal who HE is.

    I am happy to say that I am living for the Lord and have been since I gave birth to my first son, 2 1/2 years after this happened. While this time was not easy, the lessons I learned have not only benifitted me, but others. There is another verse that say “He’ll give you beauty for ashes”. That is exactly what He did for me.

    I thank God that he loved me even when I didn’t know Him and He didn’t give up on me either.

  7. Hello, everyone, and thank you so very much for telling of your experiences with angels. It thrills me to think that God loves us enough to send heavenly beings to comfort and protect us. It seems that it is not often that such visitations occur, but they are truly phenomenal when they do.

    I want to encourage you today to remember that Heaven and angels and streets of gold and gates of pearl…and God…in person…are all real. These are not things we have imagined; they are actual and virtual.

    What a happy day is near to us!


  8. I once walked about eight miles in the dark during a blizzard to get home when i got stuck in the ditch and many times i felt like crawling into a snowbank and going to sleep but i was urged on by barking dogs and howling coyotes, some how i made it home. The next day they told me the temperatures had dropped to -40 degrees celius and the road had drifts over it totally covering the road yet i had thought it was amazingly light out while i walked. I know to this day angels must have guided me home and kept me awake. God is good.

  9. You ask if anyone has ever saw an Angel, and my answer to that is yes. It was a night before I was to have a major surgery. I had had a major surgery 4 years prior to this one to remove a kidney due to cancer. After that surgery I had a blood clot that went to my lungs, which they got in time, and went to ICU and was put in a coma for 14 days. During that time I went into 3 full cardiac arrest on 3 different days and had to be revived, and the last one my family were told I would not survive and if i did i would just be a veggie. As you can tell i am not. I had lots of strange things during that time but won’t go there now. So 4 years later i needed to have part of the other kidney removed for cancer and was very worried and asked God for help in knowing that things would be fine as i went to sleep. I am not sure when , but during the night I was wakened and at the foot of my bed was a glowing Angel and it spoke without talking and said that everything would be just fine and to keep my faith, and i said ok and fell back to sleep. I am not really sure if it was a male or female, but I do know for sure it was a Angel!

  10. Oh, Martie and Craig. Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories. The angels of God and other supernatural workings are just beyond our comprehension. Just because we do not understand, though, does not negate their reality.

    God’s blessings to all.


  12. michael

    i hear what you saying, i do wish you happiness
    but could someone out there tell what a earth bound
    angle is cause everyone thinks my sister earth bound
    she has alot to del with with out this
    has she gifted

    anyone please help


    michael i feel for you i do she in pain and it killing her

  13. my dad is dieing I need a miracle from everyone that reads this, he is my world and too young to die. he needs healed. a serious lung cancer. please help. thanks and i hope the miracle comes back to you one day.

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