“And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.” Psalm 40:3

Some time ago, someone sent us a DVD on which is a sermon entitled, A Sermon in Song. The preacher of the sermon is Charles Grisham, a pastor for many years in Detroit, Michigan, and a long time friend of Jerry and me. Last night, on his computer, Jerry watched the DVD and although I was doing something else, I couldn’t help but see and hear Jerry’s response. He laughed, cried, I believe, lifted his hands in worship, and talked back to the computer. Once he said to me, “Charles Grisham is brilliant!” The “sermon” was preached at the request of Paul Mooney, the pastor of Calvary Tabernacle Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. (This is an excellent site, not just to learn about this church, but it offers extensive audio and video recordings of services there in Indianapolis, and of various conferences and other special meetings.)

The sermon is unique; indeed, it is a sermon in song–I could tell that from what I heard last night, and from Jerry’s exclamations. Throughout the sermon, which lasted nearly two hours, Charles Grisham spoke of the words of songs, and his church experiences with songs, the significance of old hymns, and he sang as he preached–dozens of songs.

Singing is wonderful. It is liberating, refreshing and cleansing. It reduces stress, preaches sermons, prays intensely, releases tears, brings laughter, quiets babies and soothes the dying. It leads people into worship, entertains, instructs, quotes poetry, looses the reluctant tongue, rouses the heart into emotional response, and evokes feelings of patriotism and allegiance (think The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America.) Singing elicits deep commitment beside evening campfires and, in altars around the world, draws repentant people to their knees.

Oh, yes, there are sermons in song. And with Charles Grisham, but from our own mouths, come the new song–a song not sung before, but sung heartily now–one of praise unto our God.


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5 thoughts on “Singing!

  1. Charles Grisham has got to be the most unselfesh human in the world. I’ve known him for over fifty years and to know him is to love him. Such a brilliant mind yet tender spirit. …and in the night His song shall be with me…Psalms 42:8. Don’t lose your song.

  2. You’re funny, Helen…and if I had been there to hear the two-hour sermon, I’m afraid I would have had to schedule my own potty break…as I’m sure many people did.

    In my opinion, a two-hour sermon needs to be exceptional (other than the length) …as this one truly was.

    The Grishams are wonderful people who have suffered many losses and disappointments. Yet, with heads high, they continue their distinctive, holy walk with God.

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