God Wants You Anyway

I’ve read this before, but when I came across this writing today, it reverberated in my little soul, and I wanted to share with you. Perhaps you’re feeling inadequate today, or perhaps you have sensed that you are not the successful person you had envisioned you would become. Maybe you’re coming to grips with the fact that you may never attain your goals, nor reach the stars for which you stretched. Take heart! God uses such as you and me–even with our limitations and inadequacies. Hey, and we’re in good company! Love it.

– Moses stuttered.
— David’s armor didn’t fit.
— John Mark was rejected by Paul.
—- Hosea’s wife was a prostitute.
—– Amos’ only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning.
—— Jacob was a liar.
——- David had an affair.
——– Solomon was too rich.
——— Abraham was too old.
———- David was too young.
———– Timothy had ulcers.
———— Peter was afraid of death.
————- Lazarus was dead.
————– John was self-righteous.
————— Jesus was too poor.
————– Naomi was a widow.
————- Paul was a murderer. So was Moses.
———— Jonah ran from God.
———– Miriam was a gossip.
———- Gideon and Thomas both doubted.
——— Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.
——– Elijah was burned out.
——- John the Baptist was a loudmouth.
—— Martha was a worry-wart.
—– Mary was lazy.
—- Samson had long hair.
— Noah got drunk.
— Did I mention that Moses had a short fuse?
– So did Peter, Paul – well, lots of folks did.

— But God doesn’t require a job interview.
— He doesn’t hire and fire like most bosses,
— Because He’s more our Dad than our Boss.
— He doesn’t look at financial gain or loss.
— He’s not prejudiced or partial,
— Not judging, grudging, sassy, or brassy,
— Not deaf to our cry,
— Not blind to our need

(Author unknown)


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About Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 78 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She has been married to Jerry for 60 years. They have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)
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5 Responses to God Wants You Anyway

  1. Lou (Linda) says:

    Things I’ve known put together in a way I’ve never seen. I’m in good company…I’m glad God wants me anyway.

  2. Tena says:

    Thank you. This was very timely, Sis. Buxton, for me. I found myself in that list, so I know God can and will use me. Whew! 🙂 I’m glad we don’t have to be perfect for God to use us. Oh, how I love Him!

  3. dean says:

    Tena, How can you be on the list that was wrote.. with me in mind?

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