The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart; and a good report maketh the bones fat. Proverbs 15:50
We were ready for it and expecting it when it happened. God moved in our church on Sunday morning in a dynamic way…six people were filled with the Holy Ghost!
Things were popping on Saturday. Recall that we’re into the 11th month of our church in Lake Havasu, our building is small, and we have been using no microphone, nor PA system at all. Recently, though, because of our growth, we have been discussing the need to start using one. On Saturday after we had set up the church, Mike went prowling around town, and when he went into the pawn shop, he found a wonderful portable PA system. Fender brand, I believe. You see it set up here.
Brandon had fashioned us a sign for Sunday morning–I BELIEVE, and here he and Jerry are placing the words at just the right angle. We were believing, expectant, excited…and on Sunday morning, six beautiful people were filled with the Holy Ghost!
We’re feeling quite fat today….and loving it.
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16 thoughts on “Fat Bones

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I am so envious (in a nice way of course)! Keep up the good work. God & you guys make a great team! Love you, S.

  2. You know, Shawnna, often as I pray, I thank God for allowing me to be involved in His work. It is a definite privilege to be in the middle of something like this, to have been connected to such awesome people, and to see God leading them into a deeper spiritual life.

    I will never know how I could have been so blessed as to have been born into a God-fearing family, to have married a preacher, to have sons who are preachers, and now beautiful Joel–my grandson is actively–full time in the ministry. I have no words to express my joy at that.

    And it’s not just the ministry part–it’s the part you see pictured here–people hungry for God, who are filled with His Spirit. It flat doesn’t get any better than this.

    Love you so much…deeply proud of you and Andrew.

  3. It is great to see the preparations made for the service then to see and hear the results! If we do our part God always comes through with His part. Great to see what God is doing in His church in your area of ministry!

    Hello, Kevin. Well, the preparation part is sometimes hard, sometimes easy, sometimes boring, sometimes exciting. When people are filled with the Holy Ghost it is ALWAYS exciting, rewarding, and makes every minute of preparation as though it never happened!

  4. Oh, my WORD! I’m running the isles (in my home šŸ™‚ )! Praise God! There is NO feeling in the world as good as seeing someone receive the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. I miss it so much, it’s almost unbearable at times. It’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen some one receive God’s Spirit and I am expecting it to happen very soon; because, as your church has done, our church has been preparing for it. Preparing in our hearts, preparing in our minds, preparing with the Word, preparing with prayers and fasting.

    Hang on, people! End-time revival is here!

    Hey, Tena–hang in there! This is a great day for the church. We just must keep fighting through the distractions…and keep believing in God and what is important…the saving of souls!

  5. AWESOME report! Praising God with you all.

    Thank you, Brother Mark, for praising with us. Please hold us up in prayer. We have lots of work to do now to nurture these tiny babies…plus we’re expecting more any day!

  6. Stop smilling. You stop that right now!

    Stop being so excited, calm down or you’re going to hurt yourself.

    I love it-I love it-I love it!!!!!!

    Rev, you need to sign your own name, when you’re being so bold as to try to damper your elderly mother’s enthusiasm. šŸ™‚

  7. WOW!! This is incredible! I can imagine the awesome feeling you have right now and WE ARE BELIEVING for an outpouring as well! I am SO EXCITED for you.

    Brother Holley, I cannot tell you how excited we are. This town is amazing–it’s a tourist, party town–but it is obvious there are many very hungry people here. Please pray for us. We do not want to fail in establishing these wonderful people. Also help us pray that God will send the right person to take over this work.

  8. This is really wonderful, Shirley! I wish you all the best… you’re always in our prayers!
    ps. have something for you on my blog =)

    Good morning, Paulyn. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Please give me a link to your site, or at least an address. I can’t seem to find you.

  9. Wow! Wonderful! I’m so thankful to be hearing a great report on these precious people! God is so merciful and good! God bless you!

    Hey, Linda. Isn’t this the greatest. We are sooo thankful.

  10. I am REJOICING with you all. My bones got fat just reading this good report. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Nothing like those fat bones, huh? Thank you for celebrating with us. Of course it’s not hard to rejoice with each other, for we’re all one–it’s God’s church, not ours. We’re just a tiny little part connected to a great organism. How blessed we are.

  11. This is so exciting! Wonderful report! There is a fire burning, and it’s spreading! Let the Wind of Pentecost blow!

    God will answer and send the one He has prepared to take over.

  12. Wow Shirley, you have such an amazing community and church! I only wish one day I was able to see for myself. šŸ™‚

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