I Can’t Complain

“I’ve had bad days and I’ve had hills to climb. I’ve had sad days and then a weary mile. Yet when I look about and think these things all out all of the good things outweigh the bad ones. I can’t complain.

God is so good to me. He is so good to me. More than this world could be. He’s so good to me. His spirit came to me and gave me victory. God is so good to me, I can’t complain.

Sometimes the clouds hang low. I’d like to see them go. I ask the question. Why so much pain But He knows what’s best for me, although I cannot see, so I just say thank you, Lord. I can’t complain.”

I’ve heard this beautiful song for years, but until a couple of days ago had never heard that Don Johnson was the writer of the song. I don’t know him, but he seems to be a precious man, and has a smooth comforting voice. On the video he tells of writing the song in 1975, and that I Can’t Complain was sung at the funeral of Ray Charles.

Don’t have any complaints, do we? This or that hurtful thing will surely cast itself at us, and there are times we walk about bruised and wounded. But in the wide scope of things–when we consider God, His great love, His everlasting mercy, His bountiful generosity–we have no complaints.

You will be blessed by this song.


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About Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 78 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She has been married to Jerry for 60 years. They have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)
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15 Responses to I Can’t Complain

  1. helenl says:

    Good song, Shirley. I can’t complain.

    None here either.

  2. writeathome says:

    This is a great song, one of those kind where you just can’t help but lift your hands and worship God. Sister Alvarez used to sing this when we were in the Fairfield church, and I always liked it. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve sung the song many times, myself, Carol. I think I might sing it next week–for Easter Sunday. That would be appropriate, I think.

  3. dean says:

    amen and amen

  4. Mervi says:

    My deceased wife and I knew Bro. Johnson in Memphis, Tn., more years ago than I choose to remember. Not just a great and prolific song writer and preacher but a man concerned about his fellow man. I can remember one night Dana, boys and I went to his service. He stepped to the pulpit that night with a flat topped Martin and worked on a song as the people worshipped. The last time I saw Bro. Johnson was in Fresno in the mid 80’s he was working to get new churches to affiliate with the Assembles of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I still have and play cassettes of him singing both alone and during services.

    God bless Bro. Don Johnson in his efforts for the Kingdom of or God!!


    Now, Mervi, help me out here. Did Virginia die? Probably not. (Just teasing you. Sounds like you were married before.)
    He sounds like a wonderful man. Glad you were able to know him.

  5. cordieb says:

    Wow. I needed to hear those words today. How could you have known?!
    Thanks Mrs. Shirley for being my personal, mystic angel today.
    And, thank God for sending this Angel my way.

    Cordieb, how very sweet you are. I know I’m far from an angel, but I do believe, from time to time, God uses each of us to minister to the other. Thank you for your kind comments.

  6. Mervi says:

    Sis. Buxton:
    In response to your question. YES, the Lord took my first wife, Dana, home to be with Him April 15, 1991. Dana was a diabetic from her youth. But or however, she did not get serious or grasp the damage it was doing to her body until it was too late. I did remarry a wonderful young lady, Virginia Nov. 02, 1991.

    I will answer questions the best I can. As long as we both recall the words of the wise man, “every man is right in his own eyes.”


    Yep, I know your sweet wife, Virgina. She is charming.

  7. Dorbra Lee says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the Soundtrack for I Can’t Complain? My husband has been hunting it for a long time

  8. Peggy Gordon says:

    Could you please tell me if Don Johnson has recorded any cds or tapes of his songs? I’m so glad that I found this site. His singing is such a blessing. I really would like “I Can’t Complain” and “God is So Good To Me” by Bro. Johnson.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Corbin says:

      Hello Sister! Bro. Johnson has recorded many albums, all of which can be ordered through his church website. Here (http://www.totallydevoted.org/recordinglist.html) is a link to all of the albums and an order form is attached at the bottom in .pdf. Unfortunately, you have to print the sheet off and mail in the old fashioned way, but it’s a reliable way to order music from this wonderfully anointed man of God.

      God bless!

  9. bm says:

    This song is so amazingly wonderful… You know for over the years i only sing the chorus of this song because i did not know the verses, but for some reason this morning i was in the kitchen making breakfast and the song came to me, i left and went to the computer put it in, found out who wrote it and listened to him … ho it is a real blessing. i love it. GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME I CANT COMPLAIN. To be honest if we take time out and count the blessings from God Almighty we would have to ask Him to supply us with more power to just to give Him praise.

    B Moffatt

  10. Good morning, B Moffatt. Thanks for visiting my site and reminding me of this wonderful song.

    Blessings……all your day……and forever!

  11. Sandy Boettcher says:

    My former boyfriend’s wife, Sharon Urshan McKellar, sang this beautiful song years’ago. She was a pastor’s wife and a great musician who died at a very young age, leaving behiind four children. He remarried a gal named Jean, and they are very happy living in Texas today. He had some churches, but now evangelizes as he is 73.

    I just googled it tonight for a sweet friend in Bradenton, FL, whose husband died two nights ago.

    The words she sang were a little different, but it has stayed with me all of these years.

    Sandy Boettcher

  12. Anonymous says:

    I need the chords to this song

  13. P. Sager says:

    Thank you for acknowledging Don Johnson as the writer of this great song. I met this great man years ago when our daughter was in Bible College in Memphis and Pastor Johnson was her Pastor. I first heard “I Can’t Complain” right after it was released and used to have a cassette of it. In recent years I heard it again by other artists but they changed some of the words around and gave it the title “I Won’t Complain”. Some actually talked of copyrighting it as if it were theirs to do that! I pointed out to some people that it was Don Johnson’s song and they come up with, oh it’s not the same song just because it has some of the same words. It is most certainly recognizable as Don Johnson’s I can’t complain. “I Won’t Complain” was performed at several famous artist’s funerals such as Luther Van Dros but it’s still the reworked “I Can’t Complain”. God gave Don Johnson that song on the way back from the funeral of some children in his family who died in a house fire. He was distraught and questioning why it happened when the song came to him. He actually pulled off the road to write it down. He says it’s God’s song so he felt it was not his right to copyright it. His son David or Charles, can’t remember which suggested that Don write a sequel to that song and call it “I Still Can’t Complain” and Don answered that he should write the song and he did that. “I Can’t Complain” will be sung until the Lord comes back. Just to make it clear, my description of how he received the song is from my memory so may not be totally right. Pastor Johnson’s grandson Mark lived near us in Alabama and has remained friends with my son-in-law. I once asked about the song and he explained the circumstances of how it came about.

    Be blessed in Jesus’ Name
    Pat Sager

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