Would you give your life for your beliefs?

A little over a year after becoming a Christian in Ngudungudu, Chad in December 1995, Jeje Nehamiah Baki left the town to meet up with his nomadic family in the wilderness. His wife had already returned to her parents and their nomadic lifestyle, and Baki, a former Muslim and nomadic Fulani of the Bororo dialect in Chad, was looking forward to reuniting with her and their two children. But he said his father-in-law, having learned of his conversion, seized his wife and would allow her to go back with him only if Baki renounced his Christian faith. He refused and left, returning a few years later to try again to persuade his father-in-law. The effort resulted in his father-in-law killing Baki’s first-born son, Compass Direct News reports. “Having lost my first child, and with threats to my life, I had to leave without my wife, but [returning later] only succeeded in taking away our second son.”


Would you? Would you give your life for your beliefs?


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8 thoughts on “Would You Give Your Life for Your Beliefs?

  1. Oh man, what a heart breaker.

    I can only say that I hope I would. With God’s grace and strength. Myself, I have no strength. I’m not trying to sound pious or anything–I just know myself too well. It’s easy to sit in this comfortable chair and say what I would do, but when it comes down to it, God is our strength or we have none.

    God’s grace to you


  2. Hello, Cindy

    Within my heart this story has stirred again the need I have to pray for Christians all over the world who have such sadness, deprivation and sorrow. Here I sit in comfort and my brothers and sisters in God are suffering.

    God give us all strength and resolve.

    Blessings to you. Hope you visit often.

  3. Definitely. 🙂

    Your blog is always worth reading. I’ve subscribed, so I might not always show up on the stats, but I’m definitely reading.

    God bless,


  4. Sis. Buxton,

    This is a good question. Pastor has been preaching lately about the things that we, as the body of Christ, could be facing ahead of us. Neither candidate for this year’s election offer much support to followers of the Christian faith. Right now we see Obama twisting the Bible and attacking people who, although they might not believe exactly like I do, have fought for righteousness to the best of their ability. We now have candidates who embrace socialism, immorality, big government, depravation of all types, racism, islam, and God knows what other things. And, society is embracing it, scarily enough, as Germany embraced the charismatic voice of Hitler calling for “change.”

    I have truly been thinking and praying about this lately, because we don’t know what we may be facing in the days to come. Whatever it is, it is according to God’s word going to make the church cry out for Jesus to come. It is my desire to be strong, faithful and steadfast in what I believe. I pray that should a day come, where I have to face terrors for the name of Jesus and this precious truth, that Holy Ghost boldness would come upon me and that my love would hold strong. My faith fights for me and God is more than able to keep us, even in the evil day.


  5. Hey it is good to be able to take time and read your blog again! I have missed so much. It is sad to say that a lot of people give up for a lot less than their life. Only to live a life of regret. Keep up the good work! God bless you!

  6. You ask a probing question.

    What actually happened is a man managed to get his firstborn son killed.

    The question will continue to probe.

  7. How can a grandfather kill his grandchild? I will say one thing, we as believers should live as his grandfather with conviction. While the grandfather was not right, we do have the truth, the way and the life.

    While I do not know what my reaction would be to stand against someone and cause the life of my child, I know God has comforted this father.

    May we be found true to our Lord and Savior, our Rock and our Salvation.

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