“Do I need my library card to pay the fine?” I asked the clerk as I handed in my two overdue books. I didn’t have my card with me and was unsure whether I would need to go to the car for it.

“Uh, I don’t think so.” The charming young girl lifted her eyes from the computer business she was doing with my books and smiled.

Intently, she punched buttons, looked back at my books, then at me and said,  “I don’t think you owe a fine.”

“Well, yes, they were due yesterday. I think I do.”

“No. No fine. They were due yesterday, but you have a day’s grace. You’re set.”


“Don’t hear that much, do you?” She was a charming young lady and she flashed again her beautiful smile.

She couldn’t know that, as I stood in the Lake Havasu public library last week, there shot through my being the wonderful thought of God’s mercy. His mercy! God’s mercy extended to my wretched being. God’s mercy that counts me righteous–me, a sinner! God’s mercy that reaches long when I stumble, when I lose my way, when I forget who I am, when my vision becomes blurred and confused by worldly thinking. God’s mercy that saw me before I was ever born, selected me, and called me to be a part of Him and of His work.

How many times have I heard Jerry say across a pulpit: “Grace is the unmerited favor of God.” Unmerited–think about it. Think about grace and mercy that halts the hand of deserved judgment; grace and mercy that releases a river of holy blood to absolutely absolve, annihilate, and destroy my sins, those ugly and despicable transgressions against God’s laws.

One hundred and seventy times is the word grace mentioned in the Bible. Uncountable are the times that, in shame, I have extended a shaky hand and begged again for God’s grace and for His mercy. Never has He ignored me; not once has He refused my plea.

Paul addresses the subject:

“…My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness…” II Corinthians 12:9

Love it!


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5 thoughts on “Grace and the Library

  1. Special Prayer Request to all fellow bloggers.
    Please see my latest blog for a call to prayer for baby Luke.
    Thank you and God Bless you..
    Sis Noel from Hollister

  2. Noel, somehow I can’t get over to your site. (It’s likely a problem here–poor connection.)

    Anyway, without knowing the details I have prayed for baby Luke and encourage all who read here to pray also.

    Let us know of his condition and his improvements.

  3. Holly and Brother Pryor: If there’s anything that is amazing, it is the grace of God. That enduring hymn of the church is surely one of the most powerful ever composed.

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