Children of God

Biblical writings support my understanding that quite young children may be “touched” by God, and that these singular connections with the Almighty often lead to adult lives that are wholly given to God. Consider the story of dsc_0064_2Samuel, the child whose mother grieved so for a baby, and who prayed with such fervor in the temple that the priest, observing her distress, believed her drunk. Not so, she assured the man of God. I am not drunk, only with grief for my barrenness. The spirit of God came on Eli and he prophesied that Hannah would conceive and birth a child.

And so she did. She named the boy Samuel, and after weaning him, she took him to the temple, and gave him back to God, leaving him with the ancient priest, a man well past his prime. One night, while yet a boy, God spoke audibly to Samuel…once, twice, three times, and Samuel not recognizing yet the voice of God, ran to Eli saying, You called? After the boy made the third trip to the bed of Eli, Eli knew it was God who spoke. “Say, Samuel,” Eli instructed. “Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth.”

God speaks to children. I know that to be so, for God touched me when I was a child. I have a clear remembrance of experiencing the presence of God, of being drawn to Him, and of the sense of his convicting power.When I was ten years old, I received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and although I have certainly been far from perfect, I have always stayed in the church, and in my feeble and pitiful way, have served God.

Two weeks ago–maybe a little more now, Ann Jackson who is the pastor’s wife of a church in Highlands, TX, in a ladies prayer and study group, voiced her concern that the children of the church dsc_0021did not seem touched by God as it seemed they should be. I’d like us to make this a matter of particular prayer, coupled with some fasting.

Last Sunday night near the conclusion of the service, a powerful and holy anointing swept through the congregation who had gathered now in the altar area. Young people were dancing in the Spirit; they were weeping and speaking in tongues, truly caught away in the Holy Ghost. I had prayed with several people, then had taken up my camera and was moving about to record the scene, when it came to my attention that many children were also praying. By count, there were at least eight who were earnestly seeking God, and before the evening was over, three of these children had received the Holy Ghost. Two of them were grandchildren of the pastor and his wife, Brother and Sister Tommy Jackson.

It was an amazing scene, and as I write this, I know some who read here may be skeptical about such things happening to a child, but dsc_0067_21I assure you it is true. Think about it. Children are trusting, not jaded, not worried about their peers, and they have tender believing hearts. A child who commits his life to God is spared much of the grief and distress that comes often to those who grow into adulthood without the benefit of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. How awesome is it that God reaches down to little children and fills them with the Holy Ghost. It is precious and dear.




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About Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 78 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She has been married to Jerry for 60 years. They have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)
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11 Responses to Children of God

  1. Deb says:

    There’s something about seeing a child seek God. I know that God speaks to children, I too remember God speaking to me as a child and forever changing my life.

    Beautifully written, Sis. Buxton.

    Thank you Deb, for being here and for your compliments.

  2. writeathome says:

    It is truly a precious thing to see God move among children. We are starting to see a lot more of that here in Oakley since we began having children’s church a few months ago. If we can get them in church while they’re young and get them grounded in God’s Word, they can be spared so much heartache.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here and the beautiful photos.

    Can there be anything more beautiful than children being touched by God. Glad to hear of your success in Oakley.

  3. Jenni says:

    Hi, Sis. Buxton! I teared up as I read your account of that Sunday night service in Highlands, and when I saw the pictures of those precious little faces, turned toward heaven, seeking the Lord. It was an awesome sevice, wasn’t it? God is so good! We were truly blessed to have you and Bro. Buxton with us! Also,Thanks for encouraging me about my writing! You are a dear lady! :o)

    Jenni, thank you. Please stay in touch, and let me know of your writing progress. Blessings…..

  4. nylann says:

    This is beautiful! The pictures speak much about the Lord’s awesome greatness..

  5. myblessings says:

    What a beautiful sight. Nothing is more precious than seeing a child seeking and praising God. I firmly believe that children are our heritage from the Lord. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless you Sister Buxton!

  6. Rebecca says:

    How blessed we are and our children. A priceless treasure. This is beautiful mom—-

  7. Tara Wheeler says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures. It was an awesome service! I am so glad that I had the privilege to be a part of it. Reminded me so much of youth camp days. It was a beautiful sight to see our little ones surrender to the Lord as He filled them with the Holy Ghost. Jake (6) was the youngest to receive the Holy Ghost. Even better, last Sunday night, those who received the Holy Ghost and others were baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. We also had another one of our young boys receive the Holy Ghost that weekend. The Lord is honoring the cries of the mothers for our babies, both young and old!

  8. Rebecca McElroy says:

    That is my precious little boy praying in the red. He was praying for the Holy Ghost and he said Lord, Let my warts fall I was so happy that he got baptized and is praying so seriously. He is 6 years old.. I remember I received the Holy Ghost when I was six and now I have had it for 32 years!

  9. Cecelia Franklin says:

    Dear Sis. Buxton…..that is so awesome, all the beautiful pictures and great writing of yours. It truly is a great Blessing to have you and Bro. Buxton, everytime! We are so close to the coming of Jesus, and have so many backslide and lost love ones out there….and Jesus keeps sending by to our church, more and more of His Holy Ghost Power. My little 6 yr. old grand-daughter that is in Jakes Sunday school class was so happy when she heard about her friends. She said “I can’t wait till I get the Holy Ghost, too.” And she prays all the time for Jesus to get her Daddy back in church. And I am trusting in Jesus, and I believe with all my heart that He will bring her daddy back to church.Lord Bless You Both, In Jesus Name!”

  10. Cindy Hanson says:

    The story of Samuel is one of my favorite call stories… I carry a special interest to call stories. Thank you for sharing this story. amazing. cindy

  11. raju says:

    hai i m raju i not understand u r jesus life please tell me

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