In Awe of the Supernatural

Michael has a friend who is so devoted to her church that Michael describes her as “maybe the most religious person I have ever seen.”  She is devout, a staunch Roman Catholic. A few days ago, she received the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in tongues. This past weekend as several people sat about talking, her husband told how standing in a Catholic church, his wife began speaking in tongues. So did several other people around them.

It happened this way, as I understand it. It had been announced that a certain priest, touted as a faith-healer, would hold a series of meetings called “missions.” It was during one of these services that he called for the entire congregation to leave their seats and come stand around the front of the church. As this startled group did so, he suddenly sprang onto a piece of furniture (my understanding is that it was an altar) and began loudly speaking in tongues, and at one point encouraged other people to speak in tongues. It was then that Michael’s friend began speaking in tongues, as did others around her.

“It makes me nervous when people speak in tongues,” said one of the group this past weekend as Mike, his friends and family sat about, and the husband told of this experience he observed.

The woman who received the Holy Ghost spoke. “It made me nervous, too.”

It does not surprise me to hear people say that observing someone speak in tongues makes them nervous, nor am I surprised to learn that Mike’s friend who herself spoke in tongues was made a little nervous about the experience. Why am I not surprised? I am not surprised because when a person receives the Holy Ghost, and as evidence speaks in tongues, God has inhabited that person, has moved into their very soul. It is humbling to contemplate. Now, I know God is everywhere–even filling the universe–and long ago, I learned that some aspects of God are not easily described, but I press the point that when one receives the Holy Ghost as I have described it is a life-changing experience. It is glorious and impossible to recount.

Jerry preached in a Phoenix church yesterday, necessitating a guest preacher at our own church. After Mike and I lunched with him and his family and Mike was driving me home, he remarked about the thrust of the sermon, and how it was opportune and fitted exactly to our congregation. “He did not know our challenges or particular situation, Mom,” Mike said. “Yet, almost his every word was directed to our needs.”

It’s amazing; I think of it often. God–the very God–He who created the heavens and the earth and all therein, looks about, sees our needs and moves among us. Into the mind of the preacher, He impresses the words the congregation needs to hear. Into the heart of one sincerely longing for Him, He pours His spirit, and suddenly that one is speaking in tongues. Amazing and yes, somewhat frightful…Why? Because it is holy…because it is supernatural…because it is of Another World.


About Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 78 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She has been married to Jerry for 60 years. They have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)
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  3. This is so neat!! What a great story! I agree, it’s simply amazing the way God communicates with us, especially by speaking through the preacher. Very often my husband and I, or my friends, or parents, will be discussing something Bible related, and the next service the preacher will discuss and explain it! So neat!

    Hi, Janell. It is important that we never lose the awe of seeing God work among us. I believe among those of us who have for many years been blessed to sit in “heavenly places,” there may be a danger of taking these things for granted…of seeing them as ordinary and common, when indeed they are astonishing and holy.

  4. brenda g says:

    My husband’s first introduction to speaking in tongues was in a Catholic prayer group. He was on leave from his military duty as a Navy Seal, visiting his family. He went to the prayer group with his mother and heard them speaking in tongues. Immediately, he thought of his friend, John Wolfram, who was searching for God, had visited many churches, and had told him that from the search he had come to the conclusion that there was nothing to religion. As soon as he returned to Coronado, CA, he went to John’s apartment to tell him about the experience and suggest that they find a Pentecostal Catholic prayer group. When John opened the door, he said, “Jim, I want to take you to a Pentecostal church.” Jim was surprised, saying, “That’s just where I wanted to take you!” So here they came, to my church, and yes, they both received this marvelous gift, along with other Navy Seals. It’s amazing how God reaches out to fill hungry souls!
    P.S. And I got the Man of my Dreams right there in my home church!!

    I love that story! Love both of you! Love our great God!

  5. helenl says:

    In the Catholic (like in the Protestant) Church much depends on the bent of the priest. Some are open to speaking in tongues, others are not. All know that speaking in tongues is Biblical, most won’t allow it during the Mass. So, Catholics who speak in tongues do it elsewhere (or during different services). It seems this event took place during one of those services.

    Charismatic behavior (speaking in tongues, raising arms in worship, etc.) is prevalent in the branch of the Catholic church that has Marian priests. Not only is there speaking in tongues but a greater devotion to the Virgin Mary and a seeking of apparitions.

    I once heard a Pentecostal preacher (I can’t remember who) say that he knew what Pentecostal was but he didn’t know what Charismatic was. Speaking in tongues can logically fall under both. Charismatics accept the glossolalia but do not seek it. Many mainline Protestants believe it has ceased. Thus, the shock (nervousness) when it appears.

    Think: Would it make me nervous to smell the roses as Mary came in apparition? Or see Jesus’ face in a piece of toast? God is everywhere. God is where we see Him. And when we do see Him, we are on Holy Ground; we tremble and should remove our shoes.

    Indeed, our God is holy. As you probably know, I don’t believe the doctrine of worshipping Mary is a biblical one. She no doubt was a wonderful person, but she is not divine.

  6. helenl says:

    RE: “As you probably know, I don’t believe the doctrine of worshipping Mary is a biblical one. She no doubt was a wonderful person, but she is not divine.”

    As you may also know, neither do I. But I did smell the roses.

    Lots of things we don’t understand, for sure.

  7. This is a very timely post for me. In a few hours, I will be teaching 3 ladies about baptism in Jesus’ name and receiving the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. I remember being kind of spooked the first time I heard someone speaking in tongues. I had a friend in highschool that attended an Assembly of God church, and she invited me to come one Sunday. I’m glad that I can say though that after learning what the Bible has to say about this phenomenon and experiencing it for myself, my fear turned into great joy. (Romans 14:17)

    I think it’s awesome too how God can speak through a preacher to give him something to minister to a particular congregation or individual when that minister has no idea what these people or a person is going through. The only other thing I can say is that God continually blows my mind with the things He does!

    Living for God is remarkable–best life in the world. I’m trusting your session today will go well, Carol. Love you.

  8. Sandy Bock says:

    I was 15 years old in Catholic school and part of a very Catholic family when I became friends with you children and one of them talked me into visiting your church in Garden Grove. I had never heard of such a thing as speaking in tongues. I sat in the back of the church and watched these people dance around and speak in tongues, it scared me to death and then towards the end of the service one of your sons asked me if I wanted to go up front to pray and I said yes, a few minutes later I was speaking in tongues. That moment in time changed my life forever. I turly believe this with all my heart.

    • Shirley says:

      Sandy, your writing here has touched me deeply, and again I am reminded of what an awesome young lady you are. It was obvious to me when we met, after having moved into that house on Bromley, across the street and down a ways from your own home, that you are a dear and special person.

      Your beautiful experience as a teen-age girl in our Garden Grove church further amplifies your leaning toward godliness and toward the truth of the Word of God.

      And here we are years later, having not seen each other in many years, and with all our lives drastically changed– some for the better in many ways, while others have taken on a negative and disappointing bent.

      But we’re still living, and dreaming, and wanting to serve God. I’m glad for those exciting days when you were introduced to the infilling of the Holy Ghost, and that your tender and dear heart submitted to God’s love and God’s plan for your salvation.

      I want to see you, and hope that soon we can be together. I do still love you….

  9. CM says:

    I was raised Catholic and although I never spoke in tongues in that church I did indeed pray sincerely, God meets us right where we are at doesnt He?

    No doubt there are sincere people who seek after God in every denomination. How wonderful it is as we learn more of Him and His fullness.

  10. Michael says:

    Sandy, If this is the sandy I knew from a long time ago will you send your contact info to my Mom. Mike

    Mike, yes this the Sandy from your young years. Amazing, huh. She actually comes sometimes to Lake Havasu. I do want to see her. I have her email address and will send it to you.

  11. timbob says:

    Hello. I want to link to this post when time permits. It’s always amazing when the Lord does things to shatter our perceptions of things. Indeed we look on outward appearances of things, but the Lord knows the heart.

    Blessings in Jesus name.


    Hello, Timbob. Please do link here. And yes, God is amazing, wise and just. He does know our heart; sometimes that scares me.

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  14. Leon de Smidt says:

    Great to hear about all the different Christian denoms receiving the baptism of The Holy Spirit as you all have. I am am a pastor in a very small town in South Africa and i preach regularly on this subject. i believe the Bible when it sais that we receive power when Spirit comes upon us. this is a fefining moment in a Christians life when they receive this very precious gift. Your communication level with GOD just rises and you will find that witnessing for Jesus will be so much more effective and easy. GOD bless you all. Leon De Smidt

  15. Jonathan says:

    This was an interesting story, as are the replies. I was curious about the Catholic perspective of the gift of tongues, so I googled it and found this blog 🙂

    I’ve been a Pentecostal my whole life but lately I’ve been attending Mass and pondering the Catholic faith. I wasn’t aware there were groups of Catholics who actually speak/pray in tongues. I sort of was taken back when I saw the term Pentecostal Catholic written in one of the replies. This is actually an exciting discovery for me. Thanks for the post.

    • Donovan says:

      Wow thats exactly what I did, lol! I too was curious on the catholic stance on the gift of tongues. I had heard of pentecostal catholic groups, and wanted to find out more. I love this article! One of the things that God has spoken to me that I will never forget is that He has no limits! This article is very encouraging! Thank you for writing!

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