(Anyone may read this piece, and I hope you are blessed by it, but I wrote these words with one person in mind. You will know who you are.)

It was a few weeks ago that I noted it. I wish I had gone straight to the house, picked up my camera and returned to photograph the fledgling. But I did not, so I’ll just have to tell you how it looked. Growing within the tiny cracks formed by slabs of rugged wood and aged bricks was what appeared to be viable, healthy greenery, and not at all resembling  any weed with which I was familiar. I bent low, thinking, That surely resembles a plant that flowers–a Marigold, to be exact. It was so tiny, though, so insignificant that I walked on, at the moment paying little lasting attention. The plant, though, was not hindered by my ignorance of its being, nor did it shutter itself for lack of companionship, nor for the understanding that its spot was not a carefully prepared flower garden with plentiful fertilizer and abundant water. Rather the plant struggled about in the paltry dirt source and continued to push up stems and leaves, and though I could not see the activity, somewhere deep within its system, bright, fragrant flowers were forming. I began watering the little fella, for I finally understood that indeed growing within our back yard was a healthy, progressive, insistent Marigold plant. There are no other such plants in our gardens. Last year, however, I had a pot full of the beautiful little yellow and gold flowers.

DSC_4145One day not long ago, I photographed this beauty. I then sat down on the step where it grows and cried, as I do now. I cry for you who as this moment know you are a scattered, neglected seed. You know you should be tended, but you are not. You should be watered, and fed, but often you are not. You should be cultivated.

But God made you to produce, to blossom, to bring forth new life. And so you will.

No doubt my little seed came from last summer’s healthy flower pot. At summer’s end, the once beautiful group faded, the golden leaves brittled into brownness, and then fell to the earth. Beat about with rain, and sleet, and covered with snow, the seed settled into a sandy crevice between stone and wood. He survived cold. He endured neglect. He coped with booted heel that walked over his tenuous spot. Perhaps he shivered. Perhaps he gasped in thirst. And had there been thinking abilities, he might have wondered if he could actually make it by himself.

But that scattered, unrecognized seed was far from extinction. It made no difference to him that for most of the spring no human being even knew of his existence. It was of no consequence that I tended other flowers, that I groomed their beds, fed them, talked to them, and showed them off. No, for that seed in my back yard bulged with life, and NOTHING would keep him from doing what God destined him to do.

And you, a human being called of God to live for Him, to blossom and to share your talents and abilities will find a way to do so. For you bulge with life, with passion, and with purpose. Such traits are given of God, and can be destroyed by no man.

DSC_4148Buds which have not yet opened depend on you, on your growth, on your development.

So, I challenge you, my friend. Be as strong, as brave, as beautiful as the Marigold plant that blooms at this moment in my back yard. He let nothing deter him. Neither neglect, disdain, nor ignorance kept him buried in a grave. He shot forth, his every talent and ability used to its maximum capacity. And so will you, somehow, some way. It’s in your blood. It is your DNA. It is your salvation.



16 thoughts on “Last Year’s Seed

  1. This is so incredibly beautiful and I’ll take it for myself too. Thank you for your precious thoughts and writings.

    1. Oh Sister Holmes, I’m glad these words are a blessing to you. It is possible that all of us at one time or another have been neglected, that others have not noted us, nor reckoned with our needs.But we who bulge with a passion for God and His work will thrive despite thin provisions. A spirit of forgiveness and understanding will encompass us. My love and blessings…….

  2. You are one special lady. Reminds me of years ago, this gal was struggling with cancer, had been in an accident, and just had a lot of struggles going on. One day I received a card in the mail from her with a sweet note. She was thinking of me and praying for me. My eyes still water when I think of that card. You, my friend, have suffered so much, yet you use your special way with words to encourage another. Yes, you are one special lady! I love you and am praying for you and claiming you cancer free!!

    1. And you, dear Elaine, are very special to me. Thank you for your response that carry such uplifting words. I love you and Brother Hogan so much. Hope to see you before too many months have passed.

  3. Shirley, I thought you surely wrote this for me. My heart cries out to God and I think He answered through you. Thank you so much. God bless you.

    1. Is it not amazing how God works in unusual ways to let us know He definitely hears our cries. Asking God to give you strength for your journey. May God bless your entire family.
      Thank you for being here and for taking the time to comment.

  4. So beautifully written. So very touched with His presence that tears fell. My purpose since birth is to water and feed souls with this wonderful truth allowed me.

    As always I thank you. ….

  5. Ran across your blog several months ago…yet we don’t blog. God has a way, always, of feeding us in the most unusual ways…nurturing us in the deep crevices of our inner being knowing exactly what we need and feeding us beyond our expectations. Your words about the marigold have reached and blessed across the states to the east coast, where we now reside. Never have I ever planted marigolds but this year while at Lowes this gentleman stood and told us he comes every year to buy them, plant them, and then enjoys their beautiful bold colors every year in his front yard. So, we too bought some because we wanted to enjoy lots of color. To make a long story short, they were tiny plants, barely peaking over the planter wall. Now they are so large and full of so many blooms we are in shock. We have never seen marigold plants as large as these in our planter, so had to look up why they are so big…too much fertilizer it says. Now we laugh…over feeding? Well, Lord, we want you to feed us to overflowing..we want bountiful blossoms…we want more, and more of you-it’s never too much. Lord, we thank you for the work you are doing and we wait in expectation for the bounty of your glorious display in so many dry and weary souls that are anxciously waiting to see your light and to soak up your spiritual rain. Lord, nothing is impossible with you. With love to you and your family sister Buxton, from some little tiny seeds that you fed ever so slightly so many years ago, but have grown beyond measure in God and who have, too, been so mercifully used to plant seeds that God will surely blossom…in his due season. The Marshalls. Do not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9 We may never see the growth of the seeds God has led us to plant, but rest assure, they WIll flourish in God’s perfect time and in his perfect way. He is faithful that promised! Blessings!

    1. What a precious, encouraging, uplifting post. Help me now understand just which family is writing here. At any rate I value your words and thank you for reading here and for this gracious, interesting comment.

      1. We are nearing 30 years since Bro. Buxton officiated our wedding at New Life Center…with grateful hearts we look back and see all the places God has had our feet rest for a time and season, because it is in each and every one of these spots (whether through fire, drought, darkened crevice, or rain) that He has faitfhfully nourished our growth in Him. The spiritual food we received as we started our life way back then, at New Life Center, has grown by leaps and bounds (however, not without some droughts). In doing God’s work we can become discouraged because we see seeds, but no growth; however as your words about the marigold so clearly speak…God provides the nourishment, and the growth, and, if we are lucky, He may let us see the seeds grow to fruition; but in all honesty…to protect us from prideful hearts, he asks us to plant and be patient in watching for growth because growth and harvest are held in his hand. On an occasion and time such as this, may it encourage you to know, the seeds sown in our life through you and pastor, given by God, are still growing and new seeds in our children have blossomed and they too are planting seeds. From one seed springs forth many more. Thank you Lord for the powerful story of the marigold! We are truly blessed! Hugs, Jerry & Lynette

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