Shirley Buxton is a daughter of God, who since childhood, has been taught His ways. Her father was a minister, as is her husband, Jerry, two of their sons, Stephen and Andrew, and their grandson, Joel. God and His church are the center of her life.

Jerry and Shirley have four children, all married now, twelve grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. The Buxtons live in Crestline, CA. a small town that sets 5000 feet high in the San Bernardino Mountains.

In recent years, Shirley has published four books. The first, A Thousand Pieces, ready to go into its fourth printing, is the story of Jerry’s horrendous accident in 1994 when he was struck by a drunk driver. He was in the hospital five months, and his remarkable recovery is attributed both to excellent medical care, and to the miraculous touch of God. Her second book is entitled, Road Tales. In July of 2006, she released  Link to Excellence  and her latest book is entitled BACKSLIDING…the bitter bite of beelzebub.
In late 2012, she finished writing her first novel, and is looking for an agent and a publisher.

Shirley also is an occasional speaker, both at women’s conferences and other meetings, and with Jerry, in marriage seminars.


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  1. There is no greater communion than with God. There is no editing of thoughts no filtering of words ; just whatever comes to mind I say and what wonder, He hears and listens.

  2. Hi Shirely:

    I enjoyed reading your devotional. You might be interested in checking out another blog that i like to read.

    Theosyst group is a local ministry where I live. I’ve been impressed with their programs and comments.

    Many blessings to you.

  3. Sis Buxton,
    I know that you won’t remember me :). My father pastored in San Jacinto back in the 60’s & 70’s. I am now living in beautiful Tennessee. My husband pastors the church in Dayton our sons are grown and we now have 5-grandchildren and 1-great granddaughter. God is Good!

    Keep writing…I enjoy reading inspired writing.

    God Bless,
    Pam Childers

  4. Sis. Buxton,

    I have so enjoyed your blog and devotions…..I know you are extremely busy but if you have time I have some questions. My husband and I are missionaries in Taiwan. Please write if you have time.

    Sandra Bracken

  5. I had to come back…it’s as if I was meant to see you this evening, rather, see your site. I saw where you left comments at two other sites where I had been and I came back to them for no reason except to look around some more, which is how I clicked in to your site. Something drew me back there…
    You have touched my heart and I thank you. I’m thinking I need to be more selective in what I read cuz I love the political arena but there’s so much anger to gird/guard against! Thank you for helping me. I’ll be back to visit.

    Your great-grand is precious by the way!

    Please pray for me, as I will you.
    In His Love, Odale

  6. Very nice inspirational blog. Both positive and challenging.

    Is Buxton your real surname? I have Buxton ancestors. Your husband and I could be related.

  7. I have to say, reading your thoughts makes me feel like I just sat in a rocker on a front porch overlooking a freshly mowed green lawn with a winding driveway that leads to an unseen road. We have been sipping some southern pecan coffee and admiring the hummingbirds. I felt like I “visited” back when people used to “go visitin'”. Maybe it’s a Texas thing or a southern thing…I’m not sure.

  8. Why, thank you, Cbgrace. I consider your words quite complimentary.

    The ways of society are much different today than in those gone by, aren’t they. Think about it–meeting people all over the world through the internet, sipping pecan coffee, and watching hummingbirds with unseen friends. Pretty nifty. (Although it really doesn’t take the place of face to face meetings.)

    Blessings to you–especially for Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for visiting my site, and for commenting. Hope you’re here a lot. I will check out your blog, also.

  9. Hi Shirley,

    I’ve been reading your inspirational blog – and also admiring the beautiful photographs.

    I do hope you have time to join Photo Friday – I have a suspicion you would post some very thought provoking photos indeed.


    Thank you for the compliments Lady, and for the invitation to join Photo Friday. I want to do that some week when I have a bit of extra time.

    Hope you visit my blog often.

  10. Sis Buxton, You were in my thoughts this weekend as my friend and I traveled to Lake Arrowhead to get away from the rat race, of the valley. We had not been to the area for years. We stayed at the Lodge At Lake Arrowhead. The accomodations were pleasant and the weather was perfect. Most all of the snow is now gone. We had a pleasant ride on the Lake Arrowhead Queen and the homes are beautiful along the Lake. We saw the animals at Wild Haven Ranch …and also saw the damage caused by the fires in recent years in that area. We rounded off the weekend with a hike and then checking out the daffodil garden near Fredalba St Anne’s Church. Today was the last day for seeing them. We took in God’s Creation and had a blessed weekend. I can see why you enjoy that area so much. Love and blessings to you, Jean Walter

    Jean, I’m writing this on the Monday morning after your weekend up here—from Crestline! We drove here last night from Havasu, and woke up this morning in this fantastically beautiful place. In my front yard are blooming daffodils, and in the back a pear tree, a plum tree, and two peach trees in full bloom.

    Glad you got to be up here awhile. Only once have I walked through the daffodil garden at St. Anne’s. Amazing. I forget how many thousands of bulbs are planted there.

    Stop by and see us some time when you’re up here…if you can catch us. 🙂 We run fast!

    Love you

  11. Hi Mrs.Buxton,
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  12. Hey Shirley. Just dropping by to say hey and keep up the good work. Your blog is an inspiration and a welcome respite from the struggle and strife of a complicated life.

  13. Johnny–How sweet and timely are your remarks.

    Honestly, I was just walking around in this motor home preparing to teach a session at the library tonight, and thinking how pititful I am.

    And it’s the truth. I am so lacking. I should be more dedicated and more committed…further along on my road with the Lord.

    Thank you. Your words are balm at this very moment.

  14. Morning Sis Buxton. I so enjoyed your devotions this morning. I had to catch up on them since I have been gone a couple of weeks on vacation. God is sooooo good to us…HIS mercy endureth forever! Think of you often and check out your site frequently. You are truely an inspiration to us all. What a way to be able to reach out to others with the internet, isn’t it.
    love you,

  15. (Watching) for our Blessed Hope, Jesus Christ to Rapture us to the New Jerusalem(Heaven) (Blessed) are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find (watching) as shared in Proverbs 8:34, Luke 12:37, and Revelation 16:15 We are told many Times in the Bible to WATCH, and Notice Revelation 3:3 Shares those who are not Watching, He will come like a Thief. Now is the Time to Watch for King Jesus Christ, and Love his Appearing! Infact if you Love his Appearing (Rapture) you will receive a Special Crown! as Shared in the scripture 2 Timothy 4:8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a (crown) of righteousness) which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only but (unto all them also that love his appearing)

    Kind Regards,

  16. Beautiful post about the marigold…though we sometimes feel neglected as if He isn’t there…His soft presence in moments like this assure us His plans for us are good no matter what He’s always with us…Thank you for the reminder!

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