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As The Oil of Aaron

Yesterday I sat in a Sunday morning service, a special service, as it was the 5th anniversary of the pastorate of Rev. Patrick Garrett and his wonderful wife Holly in the city of Yucaipa, CA. I looked especially close at … Continue reading

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Of Two Women

By an entry in a book titled The Intellectual Devotional, I recently was reminded of Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643) who was an early female religious leader in America and who was expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony after she refused to … Continue reading

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God’s Unstoppable Church

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church transcends denomination, organization, or fellowship. The Gospel is supreme, stands on its own, and extends beyond culture, tradition, or man’s acceptance or rejection. Yesterday morning Jerry and I attended The Lighthouse in … Continue reading

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No Kisses for Baal

We found our seats quickly as the service had already begun, and we wanted to lessen the commotion of our coming in a few minutes late. Those around us smiled and made us welcome. Soon the preacher left the platform, … Continue reading

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Of Flipflops and the High Calling

Cogitation, to my mind, ranks right up there with industry and integrity, for it is a good thing to long consider concepts and notions, to thoroughly examine each one, to hold them to the light, to examine their facets–to scrutinize … Continue reading

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In a conversation yesterday, someone noted that the UPCI–the ministerial organization with which my husband is connected–is now bigger than ever before, and “it literally has strengthened its financial position to a degree where we will soon began (begin) financing … Continue reading

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Yes! Church in a Day

Just made national news on Fox–front page as I write: the United Pentecostal Church has done it again–built another “church in a day!” Love God! Love Home Missions. Love the United Pentecostal Church. Read here and rejoice.

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