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My Swath of Earth

Since my claim is that God lives within me, should not my walk through the world leave a swath of peace and hope, of beauty and promise. Perhaps, too, will I create an aura of hunger, perhaps even of conviction. … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Apostolic Preaching

Many years ago, I considered the matter long and hard, scrutinized its details, examined its ramifications, and came to a conclusion that even after this lengthy period of time has elapsed I remain sure of. There is nothing in this … Continue reading

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God’s Unstoppable Church

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church transcends denomination, organization, or fellowship. The Gospel is supreme, stands on its own, and extends beyond culture, tradition, or man’s acceptance or rejection. Yesterday morning Jerry and I attended The Lighthouse in … Continue reading

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Perhaps in the Fields

What a God we serve; indescribable, whose depth of wisdom we cannot fully probe. Let us look on the wide harvest fields; fields where the heads of grain are bent heavy, where those with checkered pasts, and those with less … Continue reading

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In a conversation yesterday, someone noted that the UPCI–the ministerial organization with which my husband is connected–is now bigger than ever before, and “it literally has strengthened its financial position to a degree where we will soon began (begin) financing … Continue reading

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The Essence of Harvest

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson What a practical elegant lesson is here for us Christians. The job Jesus left for His followers is direct and simple; … Continue reading

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