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The Disturbing Church of Oprah

Yesterday, on both CBGrace’s and Rochelle’s sites I saw this disturbing video. I’ll be making comments, but you probably will also profit by going to these other sites and reading there. This is disturbing, for tens of thousands of Americans … Continue reading

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In Defense of God’s Word

It grieves me to hear God’s Word so disdained, deprecated and ignorantly described as was recently done by Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I stand today in opposition to such statements as … Continue reading

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A Biblical Admonition To Be Cheated

It was into the left margin of my Bible beside I Corinthians 6:7, at some distant time, for I don’t recall making the notation, that I scribbled a single word: interesting. There followed a tiny check mark. I believe I … Continue reading

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