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Jesus Really is the Light

Because of a world full of gross evil and confusion that encroaches on all of us, it is tempting to focus on those negative and admittedly frightening elements. Rather, we should find tranquility as we recall that Jesus really is … Continue reading

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Oh, it was a stain all right, one that could never be washed away, nor dissolved, nor could any amount of explaining stop the whispers nor the guarded looks nor the snickers behind the hand. We believe she was merely … Continue reading

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To Believe

Philosophies abound. Those who are believers, those who are atheists, and even those who are agnostics all have considered the subject of whether there is a God, and most have settled on a stance. Papers and books have been published–words … Continue reading

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Recognition of His Place

He was alone. The night hours arrived; the man looked about for a spot to rest, saw a likely place, and stretched himself on the ground. He would spend the night here. Quickly he fell asleep, and then began the … Continue reading

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His House

Jerry and I arrived home last night around 10:30. In the morning, before 10:00, Jerry had gone to the church for a meeting; I had gone with Melody as she met with an attorney. When we were finished in the … Continue reading

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The Stunning Secret to Success

“But Mom, you and dad are doing the best you can. Don’t worry about the rest of it.” The statement had evolved in a conversation with my youngest son, Andrew, during which I spoke of worries around not doing everything … Continue reading

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In Awe of the Supernatural

Michael has a friend who is so devoted to her church that Michael describes her as “maybe the most religious person I have ever seen.”  She is devout, a staunch Roman Catholic. A few days ago, she received the Holy … Continue reading

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