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Casting Bread

While my husband was in a commercial store¬†yesterday, a young lady approached him, asking, “Aren’t you Brother Buxton?” Seems many years ago my husband funded her so that she could attend the school he founded while he was pastoring New … Continue reading

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The Color of God

No color would be here. No form. No raging sea, nor gossamer thread in blue sky. Were God not, no paintings would be hung, no symphonies sounded, no wail of newborn. Bleak, grey, nothing. No hope. Rather is our magnificent … Continue reading

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A Touch of the Heavenlies

Sometimes I cry at these moments, for I understand that words alone lack the substance to tell–yes, even to tell my own heart and to tell my own psyche. Lacking in weight and heft are the syllables that come to … Continue reading

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Blessings Today

Often, I consider how blessed I am. Today is no exception. This morning here at Christ Alive Worship Center in Lake Havasu, my youngest son, Andrew, will be the preacher. In Chula Vista, California in the church he pastors my … Continue reading

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