To My Children

(Sent by email today to my four children, their spouses, and some of my grandchildren.)


In the middle of next week, Daddy and I are going down to San Diego where we will pick up our motor home and take it to Lake Havasu.

Those of you who read my facebook posts and/or my blogs know that last week we went to LH, and after the Sunday service, Daddy baptized four people in Mike’s pool. One of them received the Holy Ghost before he left the water. His name is DeWayne, and before we left town, he drove us to a magnificent piece of property in LH, that in the far distance overlooks the Colorado River. “If you want to, you may park your rig here at no cost to you at all.”

Unexpected is the way things have worked out for the church in Lake Havasu, what with Brother McDaniels staying only eight months, and our being unable after that to find a pastor for Christ Alive. In a remarkable way, though it was not planned as such, Michael has stepped up to the challenge and is serving the precious, needy people at Christ Alive. Daddy has retained his position as Senior Pastor.

We are intrigued when we read missionary stories of people who give themselves to a Cause, when we read history books of pioneers who endured hardships to settle our country and our churches, when we learn of a particular serviceman who gave his life for his country, or when we know of people who go into the ghettos or other unappealing places and provide charity services. Sometimes, though, the sense of glamor, and everyday pride in Mission may be missing if we are the ones who are called to make the sacrifice, to endure the hardship . . . to give our lives . . . or if it should be our parents . . . or other loved ones who are so called. I understand, fully, I do.

Christ Alive is a unique church; it’s core being extremely needy people, most of whom have been won through the Christian intervention classes Mike has taught. Most of them are/or have been unstable, have no jobs, have addiction problems, poor family connections, etc. At this point, Mike is handling everything himself–teaching two Christian Intervention classes a week, teaching mid-week Bible study for the church, preaching on Sunday morning, doing all the book work, being responsible for church bills, doing all the counseling, planning the services, the music. . .(no one to play any instrument). Melina is making a huge sacrifice by having Mike “spread so thin.”

So, because we have the motor home, now have a place to park it with no charge, and because we can take some of the burden from Mike, Daddy and I are going to Lake Havasu for a few months, totally in a supportive role. I know you’ll all be concerned, and I love you for it.

Please pray for us. Let’s all make new commitment to pray for each other, for our churches, and for our ministries.

Love you so very much.


4 thoughts on “Call

  1. God is awesome, and above all the one who does order our steps. I had chills (the good kind) as I read this post! Many prayers, and when you get settled…I ready to come visit!

    Brittney Godwin~

  2. Brittney, Brittney, how sweet of you to respond in this way. Thank you for your comments, your prayers, and your promise to come visit. We’ll definitely be taking you up on that offer.

    Love you. Proud of you.


  3. You guys are amazing. Our generation will have to pick up the pace to match your passion, burden and commitment to those who need it the most.

  4. Brother Pastorella, I appreciate your comments so much, and believe you are sincere in them. But honestly, it really is very little we are doing . . . and when we look at the need there . . . and know we can contribute a little . . . it would be unconscionable to do otherwise. Truly, I feel blessed to be a part.

    Thank you again for what Spirit of Freedom has done for Lake Havasu. Nearly the entire church is linked to SOF. Amazing.

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