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Hands, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.
On Sunday in Chula Vista, CA., the ministry laid hands on my grandson Joel Buxton, and he was sent forth as an ordained minister of the gospel.
Throughout the world–even the church world–there is a strong possibility that the laying on of hands has not been fully appreciated, and, too often, has even been totally misunderstood. Blessings, healings, the Holy Ghost and ordination may be conferred by the laying on of hands. Consider these scriptures:

In addition to the spiritual significance of such actions, the scientific medical community has come to acknowledge what the Bible teaches and what believers have contended, that is, that miraculous healings may be accomplished through the laying on of hands. Understand that no man can heal, but God has chosen to use these methods as His instruments of healing and blessings. In recent years…

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  1. I have to completely agree with this, with out the laying on there is no annointing. I have seen this personally! Is the picture of the girl Carrissa Hale from the Auburn church? If not she has a twin!

  2. Such an awesome article, and I love your Joel. He was such a great student in my class in Rialto, more years ago than I want to count. Well, really–I love that God has been faithful all these years, so counting them is better than the alternative.Making me feel a lot older, but so proud for you, and Elder Buxton, and Joel and Aisha. Congratulations!!

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